Which plan will suit?

Selecting the best plan for you

Will the house fit on your lot?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) the Queensland Development Code (QDC) set out how and where single dwellings and other associated structures can be located on a Lot.   However, each estate may have alternate siting provisions to the QDC. Check with your estate developer to confirm if specific provisions apply to your Lot.  GVD PLAN HUB will check this for you if a Site Plan & Assessment is requested.

GVD PLAN HUB Pre – Designed Plans are designed to meet codes in effect at the time they were created. However due to the continual updating of legislation, changes to building requirements, variances in geography, different climate zones and specific State and Local Authority building regulations, the plans may need to be modified to comply with local requirements. If required, plan modifications will incur an additional fee.

Does your lot have a Covenant & will the building conform?

Development Covenants apply to most modern estates. They set requirements for such things as building size & setbacks, garage locations, style, roof pitch and materials.  It is the owner’s responsibility, to confirm that all aspects of applicable Development Covenants are complied with. To avoid any conflict, carefully check the conditions & ensure covenant approval is obtained prior to construction.

Development Infrastructure - Where are the Lots services located?

The location of stormwater pits, water lines, sewer mains & connection points can greatly affect the siting of the building on the Lot. There are many requirements in relation to building over or adjacent to infrastructure. GVD PLAN HUB will check this for you if a Site Plan & Assessment is requested.

Town Planning Requirements

Every Local Authority has a Town Planning Scheme that must be complied with. They set rules for the development of buildings and are triggered if your property is affected by or may affect the locality.  Typically a new home on a newly developed residential lot does not require additional Town Planning assessment, though such items as flooding, bushfire, storm surge and traffic noise are checked.  If your project requires town planning assessment, GVD PLAN HUB will provide advice. GVD PLAN HUB will check this for you if a Site Plan & Assessment is requested.

Orientation (Solar/Access) - Will your home take advantage of passive & solar strategies?

Orientation is the positioning of a building to suit it local environment. Seasonal variation in the sun’s path as well as prevailing wind & weather patterns are assessed. Good orientation can increase the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable to live, thermally efficient and in turn lowering electricity usage. GVD PLAN HUB will check the chosen Design Plan is correctly oriented for the site if a Site Plan & Assessment is requested.